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Delve into the imaginations of your friends on the school playground. Collect cool Ideas to upgrade your imaginary powers! Combine Ideas to create wacky and powerful combos. Befriend your classmates, play as them or against them, and spend your days Playing Pretend!

Play Pretend is a cute, approachable rogue-lite where players battle their way through the fantastical worlds of their peer's imaginations at school. Play Pretend levies a unique Ideas system to upgrade abilities through a grid system and allows players to create their own Ideas to find throughout their runs.


Get Stuffed! is a chaotic, top-down capture-the-flag party game for 2-4 players. Each player takes on the role of a stuffed animal trying to wake their young owner after they become trapped in their dreamscape.

To wake them up, you’ll need to grab the alarm clock and bring it back to them. But first, you’ll need to construct the dream itself. Create a path to the alarm clock by placing tiles onto the grid, and then avoid the obstacles and ghosts along the way. Be careful though! Rooms don't last forever and if any toy places a tile of the same shape over an existing room, it will cause the room to collapse, even if you’re still inside!

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