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Dev Log#2 - Little Bit Late, Little Big Update

It’s time for an update!

We’ve been hard at work and finally have something to show for it. First off, you may have seen over on our Twitter that we have our first splash art for Play Pretend. We’re super proud of it and excited to share it here too!

Woah, look at it

It’s All Coming Together

After weeks of arduous work, the separate parts are slowly combining to something great. We are far from the end of the road, but here is a preview of what we hope to get into your hands soon. There’s a lot of placeholders, but hey, that's game development!

Don't let the goose catch you!

Oh yeah, EGX

The cat’s finally out of the bag, we’ll be at EGX 2022(London ExCel) from 22nd to the 25th of September. Don’t miss out on your first chance to get hands on Play Pretend - and also meet the team behind it. We don’t bite. You’ll find us in the Tranzfuser booth, and we’ll have more updates to come.

Find us in the Tranzfuser booth!!

Until Next Time

That's all for today, but we’ll have some info very soon on our first playable character, Jess. If you want to keep up, we post more regular, smaller updates on our Twitter @kaleidoscopetwt with more social media updates coming soon.

Ciao for now!

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