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Dev Log#4 Many small things

Today is the day for an update, so let's just get into it.


Firstly as promised here is Gracie,

A little girl from a rich family who dreams of being a princess alongside her beloved pet pug Agatha, who manifests as a dragon in the dream world. Gracie is loud and quite bossy but tries her best not to be a meanie. outside of school she spends her time pampering Agatha and trying to learn how to speak dog.

Agatha is a fat little pug who loves snoozing and being really cute, but in Gracie's imagination she is a formidable beast that will defend Gracie no matter what. Agatha is also the first boss you will encounter in Play Pretend so be prepared!

but if you manage to beat Agatha and win Gracie's games she becomes your friend til the end.

Boring technical stuff

Now for the nitty gritty, we have been hard at work toiling over getting the lighting right (and adjusting a few textures along the way), and after weeks of bullying Unity we thought now's a good time to show the progress we have made with it. Just look at the difference!

Before and after!

But that's not the only boring technical thing for this update, we have also overhauled our controls to pivot from twin-stick to single-stick, aiming is now tied to your movement with a hold to aim on ranged attacks, it is a vast improvement and makes the game feel so much smoother to play.

We went to Scotland

Last weekend all of this years Tranzfuser teams were shipped to Dundee to pitch our amazing games to a whole host of talented professionals, it was great to finally meet everyone taking part this year and all the lovely folks over at UKGF.

We put a lot of effort into our pitch and it seems a waste to not show anyone, so here is a peek at our cover page of the official Play Pretend pitch deck.

See you soon!

well this is it for this week, but don't worry we'll be back very soon for another update.

We look forward to seeing everyone at EGX in 5 weeks time.


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