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Devlog #12 What's on the Menu

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

We're back with some more updates to share, this time as we are preparing for Steam Next Fest in a few weeks, we have been tweaking and messing around with every aspect of Play Pretend to make it the best it can be. This months update will be covering our new UI and menu changes that we have been working on.

After beating all the enemies in a room you will be presented with one (or both) of the following ways to get more powerful, either by increasing your base stats or by collecting a new idea to place into your power grid. These are far simpler to navigate and have been given a complete aesthetic makeover by our very talented artists.

If however, you are beaten by all of the scary imaginary monsters of Play Pretend, or you are skilled enough to beat them all and win the game, you are given a report card with some info on how you did, how many enemies you have beaten and a record of how powerful you became.

But that's not all for today, we also have a look at our new map feature. Instead of playing through a completely linear world with random encounters. We decided to give you some options in how you approach each world, with a new multi-path map showing you where the enemies lurk, different schoolrooms are, and allow choice in playing the way you want to. This is currently in the concept-art phase but we’ll have a shiny complete map to reveal soon.

That wraps up our August update, Next month we will have loads more to share and have lots more information on our involvement in Steam Next Fest which will be just around the corner.

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