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Devlog #6 - We've got a lot of Ideas

Good afternoon gamers,

Next up in our core features overview is the concept of ideas and how they help you beat your friends on the playground. Ideas are found and bought whilst playing through the imaginary worlds of Play Pretend and they give you stat boosts and special new effects to make you more powerful as you progress through each run.

Your classmate Matt will give you an idea for some candy.

It's not quite that simple

when you come across an Idea, you can't just collect it to get the bonuses, you must slot the Idea into one of 3 available grids, either your character which handles your defensive stats and abilities, or 2 grids that resemble each of your different attacks, generally basic and special. so you have to think about where to place each Idea you collect as they can't be moved once placed. Ideas can stack to create really powerful synergies to whack your friends imaginary monsters.

Your 3 grids, The cane is getting very full of ideas (This means it's powerful)

What Ideas can you have?

As you progress you will encounter many different Ideas, in 4 different rarities. Common Ideas are 4 Squares in size and give you simple but essential effects, usually stat boosts to carry you through and get steadily more powerful, Rare Ideas are 5 squares in size and have more unique effects that augment your attacks, from launching homing projectiles, covering enemies in goop, and boosting your abilities with more effects. Legendary Ideas are, you guessed it, 6 squares in size and are super powerful and super rare, often influencing your playstyle in their power , from infinitely stacking attack speed, allowing candy to heal you, and so much more. The 4th Rarity is a secret that you will have to find out for yourselves once Play Pretend becomes available (we may have a glimpse of them at EGX in 3 weeks!).

we'll have another feature to preview next week, but until next time.

au revoir!

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