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Devlog #9 - All the colours of the rainbow

Hello there! Ben here for my first blog post (Harry usually writes these but I've gone rogue) It's been a while I know, but I promise you, it's been worth the wait! All of us at K-Scope have been working hard focusing on content; finalising colours, characters, and ideas, we are even closing in on a playable demo (but more on that in the future)

A fresh lick of paint

Our artists (myself included) have spent probably a few too many hours *debating* over colour schemes, ultimately resulting in Lauren saving us all and putting together some concepts. You might notice the complete lack of the garish bright pink of the fantasy world...its for the better trust us.

Since putting these concepts together its become much clearer for myself and the others when it comes to designing both 3D and 2D elements for Play Pretend, allowing us to really amp up the quality and speed of the assets we create. Here's a lil' sneak peek at some of the enemies and the final look for the fantasy world, complete with a new colour palette and an all-new rework of our boss fight.

If you want to learn more about our enemies keep an eye on our Twitter - I'll be sharing some behind the scene glances at how we put them together and maybe even a couple tips on how to beat them when the time comes!

Not all about the looks

It's not just our artwork that's had a lot of love poured into it, we are nearing full completion of the core design of the entire project, with even a little allowance for expanding the project post-release if we are able to. What this means for you all is that we can begin to share more content that we can firmly say will be final and in the game we so badly want to put in your hands! I'll be sharing more about each world, character and playstyle soon, putting together a post dedicated to each character and the worlds their amazing imagination has put together for you all to play through.

We'll be seeing you soon

As we begin to produce more and more content and we have finally settled into a development pipeline we are able to manage our resources a little better, as such you'll all be hearing from myself and the others far more often, with regular development updates coming out..well...regularly. Along with more information over on our Twitter, and maybe even an event or two over on our discord, if any of that is of interest to you be sure you keep in touch, links below!

Much love and see you very soon for the next devlog update! - B

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