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Dev log #1 - What's it all about?

Good morning gamers

In this first post, we’ll be introducing our new project and submission to Tranzfuser: Play Pretend. We’re very excited to enter this year's competition and will be writing updates throughout development.

Play Pretend

Play Pretend is an action rogue-lite set in a British primary school during playtime. You play as a schoolchild who must battle their way through fantastical, imaginary worlds conjured up by their classmates. In this initial post we’ll outline the key mechanics and systems that make up Play Pretend.

Imagination is key

Throughout the game you’ll use magical abilities and pick up toys to help you compete against your friends. All toys and abilities come with unique grids and can be upgraded by slotting polyomino-shaped ideas into them. These ideas add wacky effects that you can combine to create synergies and builds, ultimately making you the coolest kid on the block! Ideas attached to toys and abilities can be swapped out at will as you collect better and more powerful stuff during your run. Be wary, because you’re not the only kid with cool ideas around here; your friends have ways to beat you, too! As such, enemies can appear with ideas of their own, varying the gameplay and augmenting their power to add extra challenge and uncertainty to each run.

Everyone loves games

Occasionally, you’ll be challenged to classic playground games such as ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and ‘Hide and Seek’. On completion, these give special rewards that will help you progress both in and out of your current run. These appear randomly to add variety to rooms as you play.

We’re all friends down here

As you venture through Play Pretend, you’ll come across a varied cast of characters – namely your friends at school – who are in charge of their respective worlds within the game. On top of this, beating a world unlocks the boss as a playable character, each with a variety of starting items and abilities! In between each run, talk to your friends at school and trade badges for stickers that give permanent effects for whichever character you buy them as. Then, as you play, trade stickers to give your friends their moment in the limelight.

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