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Dev Log #3 - Meet Jessie, The steampunk cowgirl

Rootin' and Tootin'

Happy Friday!

Today we are introducing the first of our main cast of characters, Jessie! She is a quiet reserved girl who loves spending her free time helping out at her uncles farm and riding her favourite horse Missy. At school she is massively into history and arts and crafts, making little contraptions out of lollipop sticks and cardboard.

On the playground her interests culminate into her dream of being a sheriff of the old west with a steampunk flair, through this persona she plays with her friends in many different games, using sticks of dynamite and her trusty cane she fight her friends imaginary enemies. she isn't too competitive and just plays for fun, but her friends often underestimate her.

Hopefully you will Join us and Jessie at EGX in September where you will be able to whack your enemies and blow stuff up first hand. Next time we will be introducing our second main character, Gracie the Princess and her pet pug Agatha!

See you next time!

Team Kaleidoscope

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