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Some of you may have noticed our Steam page recently got a massive overhaul, all in preparation for our demo going live TODAY!

We have been haaard at work getting things together following our playtest earlier this month (on a side note if you want to get involved with playtests jump on our discord). I'm here to guide you through all the little things and get you up to speed for playing our demo throughout Steam Next Fest.

New Trailer

New Controls

We heard you all, we've added mouse controls and honestly, I don't know why we ever thought we wouldn't need them, I am a big fan of playing with a controller but if you really want the best edge playing...use a mouse ;)

New School

Whilst our fantasy worlds have greatly improved over the past year, the school has always felt a little left behind, that's all changed now though, with a bespoke model for the fantasy world suiting Gracie's fantasies of being the all-powerful, all-fancy witchy princess.

New Map

We have a map now! You can choose where you'll go as you navigate through each world, deciding between idea, stat, elite, or utility rooms. Each room holds a slight variation in enemies, rewards, and mechanics.

New Content

We have added a bunch of new ideas for you all to find and use. Some of my favourite ideas include;

- Bogey Ball

- Eureka!

- Candy King

But you'll need to find out what they do for yourself


The demo is up to you all to explore and we are super excited to see how you get along, we would love to hear from you all and what you think, the best place for that will be over on our Discord or to tag us in any posts on Twitter using #PlayPretendGame. Thank you for all the support up to this point and enjoy Playing Pretend!


- B

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