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Devlog #5 - Going to School

In today's update we'll be giving a first look at one of our core features that you will come across while playing through your imaginary worlds. The schoolrooms are encountered in-between every combat room and give you an option of 2 rooms, each with unique bonuses and upgrades to give you more power!

Learn on the run!

After each combat room, you enter the school and are given a choice of 2 rooms each themed around schoolrooms that contain different bonuses, healing, and upgrades to help you beat your friends. each time you can pick 1 to enter, the second may be accessed with keys found by beating bosses and rare drops from completing rooms.

The hallway with one schoolrooms on each side.


The first of 2 rooms you will encounter is the classroom, The kids and teacher here offer you extra ideas to make your attacks more powerful, the teacher offers you one for free, but your classmates need to be paid in candy to give you their big ideas. you can also meet lovely characters such as the mythical Cool Matt James.

The classroom


The second of these is the Cafeteria, this is the easiest way to heal during your run, and the lovely dinner ladies offer you a healing lunch, there is also a classmate eating who will give you a guaranteed defence based idea for an increased cost of candy.

The Cafeteria

Many More Rooms

we have so many rooms that we are preparing each with a unique bonus, Including:

Staff Room - Gain a powerful Idea for a permanent downside

Tuck Shop - Purchase a snack that gives wild effects.

Lost and Found - Reroll the effect of an idea.

These will be encountered randomly throughout a run, giving variety every time you play.

The next few weeks we will be running through more of the features of Play Pretend in detail, so stay tuned next week!


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