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Devlog #13 We did Next Fest...So What's Next?

Updated: Apr 3

Many of you will know we took part in the Steam Next Fest at the start of this month. It was an exciting experience and hopefully, a few of you are reading this having discovered us during the event!

Next Fest wrap-up

Next Fest was an excellen opportunity for us to nail down a full vertical slice experience for you all to play through since we last did way, way..way back last year at EGX. Since EGX we made many, many...many changes and it really shows.

The feedback we got from you all on the lead up to, and during Next Fest was both very helpful and super motivational, you all seemed to enjoy our demo with some of you racking up multiple hours in a demo only lasting 20 minutes at a time. And we really appreciate it.

Artwork saying thank you next to 3 sketches of kids pulling different facial expressions

Next up

We are now at a point where we can begin to really fully produce more front-facing content for you all, more concept art, more environment, more worlds and more characters.

Since Next Fest we have spent some time carefully considering what is still missing from our prototype and where to really focus our efforts next, as such, we spent a while considering our GDD and working through some of the greater meta systems such as the permanent progression and additional player agency that Play Pretend is so dearly missing.

The dragon in the room

One of our main focuses next will be finalising the fantasy world in its entirety and that means Agatha will return. Agatha has always been a favourite of mine however we have never been fully happy with how she plays, as such we took her from the demo so we could take some time to really think about how to make her as threatening as possible, all whilst playing up her dragon-like charm as best we can and next month we will go through a full run down on what that is going to really look like. All I can say is she's going to have a little more bounce in her step moving forward and a few changes to how she fights.

Howdy partner

Moving on we also are hoping to be able to get some information on Jess's western steampunk world, the enemies within and our second playable character, someone you'll have become familiar with throughout the demo, Gracie. Keep an eye out for our rundown of those two things to come!

A note from me

I just want to round this update out with a little note from myself to thank you all for sticking with us this far, this project has meant a lot to all of us and we cannot believe how lucky we are to have come this far. I say it a lot but we really are so excited to keep up these updates and producing more and more for this game. Harry, Raj and the others have been really hard at work to finalise some of the design aspects we really needed and I am absolutely sure all of you will love what we've got in store.

Once again, drop us a follow on Twitter, tell everyone you know to wishlist Play Pretend and jump onto our Discord and drop us a message. See you all there and take care! - B

Promotional artwork showing three kids playing jump rope on the school playground

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