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Devlog #14 It’s been a while…

Updated: Apr 3

Hey there! It’s been a while — approximately… 4 months! Sorry we’ve been so quiet for so long. The unfortunate reality of designing and developing a game is that often there isn’t much stuff to inform you all of, certainly not enough to create a blog post about. Luckily, we’ve got a bunch of stuff to tell you over the coming months that should bring you up to speed on where we’re at in development and how Play Pretend is shaping up.

The first update, and most important in my opinion, is that I’m here! I’m Will, friend of the folks at Kaleidoscope and I’ll be writing these blog posts for the foreseeable future. I work closely with Harry to make sure I’m getting all my information correct so don’t worry too much about an outsider being your proxy for the Play Pretend scoop; everything written here has been approved by the team!

Our fancy new concept for the classrooms

Redesigns all round!

Now for the actual most important update: we’ve redesigned the cafeteria and classrooms! Due to some player feedback from the last playtest, we found that plenty of people kept trying to leave the cafeterias, classrooms, and gymnasiums by going to the right hand side of the room… which kind of made the back of the room redundant. So instead, the layouts are much more intuitive to the rest of Play Pretend’s rooms — moving from the front of the room to the back.

New concept art of the cafeteria

New classrooms, new classes

With the redesign of the classrooms’ layout, we have also added a few redesigns to their gameplay. Particularly this involves the purchase of Toys and Ideas from other students — though this will be covered more next month.

The new and improved classroom

New healthy meal initiative

Like with classrooms, cafeterias have also had a gameplay redesign. You can still heal yourself by visiting the school café but you can also purchase Health upgrades. As the name suggests, these will increase your maximum Health and allow you to take more hits from enemies. I think it's because the lunch lady has been putting carrots in people's food.

A first glimpse of the new cafeteria

Quick note from the coach

A bit shorter than the other two, but gyms have also had a fresh coat of paint. Visiting a gymnasium will now be an opportunity for you to upgrade your Toys, a new term for this iteration of Play Pretend.

The gym is just as cluttered as ever

Next time…

That’s all we wanted to cover in this post but there is still plenty more to tell you all. In the next post you can expect to learn a lot more about Toys and Ideas, which have snuck their way into this post a couple of times, so come back this time next month to see what they have to offer!

Remember to get in touch on X (formerly Twitter), wishlist the game on Steam, and join our community Discord — you may even get to playtest the game if you do! 



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