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Devlog #7 - Our First Rodeo

Updated: May 3, 2023

Good afternoon gamers

we've finally crawled out of our game dev caves with an update for you, it's been a busy last few weeks getting ready for and showcasing Play Pretend at EGX!!

Play Pretend demo stand at EGX

It's not much but we're so proud of how far we've come

Finally in your hands

After 3 months of hardcore development, we finally got our prototype into the hands of the public, and we were totally blown away with the positive reactions we received to our silly little game. It was lovely to meet everyone who got a chance to swing by, try our game, chat with us, or just grab some free sweets and have a look! we were really nervous but it could not have gone better for our fist big event as a team.

The Kaleidoscope Games team presenting their game at EGX to attendees

Deep in the trenches of EGX!

Tranzfuser 2022

This marks the end of our journey with Tranzfuser 2022, it was awesome to see how far every team taking part has come in the short timeframe we had, and the effort that UKGF put into the showcase with the amazing display that really did a lot of heavy lifting making our game look as good as it possibly could have. all of the support has been invaluable to growing our team and creating the best game we can. it's been challenging and a lot of learning but at the same time we've had a blast taking part.

Last but not least

Finally we should announce that Play Pretend is live on Steam to wishlist now! we're still early into development and wishlists help out a tonne.

Play Pretend Steam Store page banner

Despite this 'potentially' being the end of our work with Tranzfuser, we aren't done with Play Pretend, we will have many months of updates and events so be sure to follow us on Twitter @kaleidoscopetwt to find out about everything we are getting up to in the future.

Until next time. BYE!

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