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Devlog #8 - Don't worry, we haven't gone far

Updated: May 3, 2023

It’s been a while but don’t fear we haven’t gone anywhere, and we are way past due an update on what we have been up to since our last one all the way back in September. In short, a lot of behind the scenes stuff, taking part in a couple of events and redesigning Play Pretend from the ground up using the lessons we’ve learned.

Post Tranzfuser

Tranzfuser taught us a huge amount about development and pitching and getting into the industry proper. But it did have its drawbacks, especially for us specifically. We put a lot of effort into making a demo that would look and play well at EGX. (which it did and we are all very proud of how it went). But this approach brought with it some downsides especially with how we had built the game in-engine which made it difficult to add extra content and actually build an entire functional game onto it. So we had to roll back and rebuild chunks of the game with the intention of it being a full game, not just a vertical slice prototype.

Image of fantasy level form the game Play Pretend
It looks so different now!

However we used this as a good time to implement a large amount of changes and redesign to the core systems taking on board all of the feedback we received from all the Industry veterans and members of the public who got to try Play Pretend. We will go into detail on all changes in a future update very soon.

Gif of the inventory system in the game Play Pretend
Oh boy, this has changed too!

Pocket Gamer Connects

A couple weeks ago we went along to Pocket Gamer Connects London to take part in their Very Big Indie Pitch, and Play Pretend came 2nd! We also had the pleasure of meeting some fellow Tranzfuser 22 teams and a handful of lovely devs and publishers. It was an all-round great event and we look forward to going again.

Image of certificate for coming second play in the big indie pitch
Officially an award winning studio!

Round 10

Our final Update for today is that Play Pretend has been selected for Funding in UKGF’s Round 10 program, we are excited to continue working with them and are grateful for their continued support of Play Pretend. You can check that out and look at all of the other awesome games they have funded here;

That's all for today, until next time. BYE!!

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